Elsa Peretti | Feminine Energy for 2018

As the latter portion of 2017 came by at a galloping speed, we really began thinking about how feminine energy has made an about face in society throughout the year. Pontificating on what truth was uncovered in a global sense and finally, having that media breakthrough, the realization and conversation around the fact that women go through so much silently throughout their lives. What came to mind during this period was the symbolism of the phoenix. All women, across the world face obstacles of intense inequality and challenge. Each of us much like the phoenix, transforms and rises to create stronger roots until we reach the ultimate goal, an unstoppable force of the divine female.

As we started researching female designers that represented the energy that the changing tide of 2017 into 2018 brought, no one stood out more than iconoclast Elsa Peretti. A woman who transcends time and defines what a strong modern woman is. So much of current modern jewelry owes a debt to this visionary. Everywhere this decade we see siphoning of her work, but there will only be one Elsa. 

For the start of 2018, we are thrilled to release bit by bit, a collection of Peretti's work for both Halston and Tiffany & Co. so that you will always be reminded of the totality of feminine power. Whether it be an item you look at when at home or something wearable that will be a reminder of what happens when women fear nothing and feel limitless. 
Happy New Year from us to you for 2018.

The Elsa Peretti Collection can be found here.

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