1940s Carnelian Evening Sun Silver Ring

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1940s Carnelian Evening Sun Silver Ring is a gorgeous western piece from the Art Deco era. A large silver ring with a D shaped deep red Carnelian stone. Size 8. 

Carnelian has been prized by centuries as a stone of transformation which is has the power of gratitude that brings joy and warmth.  Named from the Latin word meaning "flesh", aptly so, considering it stimulates the base and sacral. Lower charkas the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body so this is a wonderful stone for stabilizing and grounding to present earth energy.  

Known as the "Singer's Stone" it helps clarifies the voice to become both eloquent and strong. In a red-brown shade such as this stone, the ancient Egyptians identified active strong masculine energy.  Deep red Carnelian removes blockages and traumas and helps in recovering one's purpose on Earth. Gives the natural sources of energy to enjoy life's pleasures that extend past the joyfulness of youth.

Alleviates envy and possessiveness in relations and strengthens the blood / circulation system. Aids in menstrual and menopause symptoms and helps during the IVF process. Heals lower back problems, arthritis, accelerates healing bones, and relieves depression. 

Element: Fire / Vibration Number: 5 & 6 / Chakra: Base, Sacral

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