Ocean Jasper Crystal Bowl

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Good Vibrations, our ocean jasper crystal bowl enhances personal power and releases negative energy. The most consistent meanings given to Ocean Jasper are uplifting feelings- going with the flow, and processing emotional energy. 

The stone itself resembles waves, concentric ripples, and sea foam. Water is a traditional symbol of our feelings and the tides signify our emotional highs and lows. Ocean Jasper represents the rhythms of the inner sea: upwelling feelings like joy, happiness, and contentment, expressing our emotions, and sifting through our personal flotsam and jetsam, the things unintentionally and intentionally left behind during a crisis. Many interpret its vivid colors, bubbly orbs, and druzy starbusts as energy signatures of positivity, spontaneous child like joy, and a passion for life.

Ocean Jasper combines especially well with other watery stones like aquamarine, clear quartz, and shungite and organic gemstones like coral and pearl that come from the sea.

A perfect place for overnight storage, smudging, and a wonderful gift, this bowl recharges objects centering around sacral and solar plexus energies.

Dimensions / 3 inches around / 1.25 inch depth



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